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The full form of PTE is the Pearson Test of English. It is an exam assessing the English proficiency of a student. If a student wants to get admitted in a foreign university or college where English is the only language of communication, he or she needs to take the test. Usually, countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and European Country ask for a PTE scorecard.

We, RG Overseas Education, provide the Best PTE Classes in Rajkot & Bopal, Ahmedabad helping students secure high scores and ensuring one of the requirements to get admission in top colleges and universities.

Who Should Apply for It?

All those who are planning to study (i.e., Undergraduate & Post Graduate Degree) in various countries as well as migrate to Australia. Applicants need to be above 16 years of age. The age group of 16-17 need to produce parental consent to appear in the exam.

Fully covering the syllabus

There are no worries for any student as we dedicatedly cover the full syllabus of PTE. We teach without leaving any topic and equip the students with robust skills to perform satisfactorily in the exam. We are renowned for providing the Best PTE Coaching in Ahmedabad, setting standards for the education coaching industry in the city.

Consulting on a student visa

We also provide full-proof solutions to get student visas for pursuing higher studies in foreign countries, especially in developed English-speaking nations. As a Student Visa Consultant in Rajkot, we have goodwill in the market, ensuring a smooth preparation to receive the visa from the concerned authorities.

Best PTE Coaching in Rajkot, Bopal - Ahmedabad


One major benefit of choosing PTE is that it is based upon Artificial Intelligence. It is unbiased “Unprejudiced marking”. It provides flexible testing and fast results “Workable measuring & quick outcome”.

It also gives an opportunity to send your scores to institutions unlimited times for free.

Major disadvantage of IELTS is that it is a paper based exam. It is mandatory to have a readable handwriting to get a better score.

The speaking part of the IELTS exam consists of one-on-one conversation which might make some candidates tense. This can lead to reduction of the score.

IELTS is a two-part exam. The listening, reading, and writing modules of the exam are conducted in one sitting while the speaking exam is taken on a separate day.

Types of PTE Tests:

Two Types:

  1. PTE Academic
  2. PTE Academic for UKVI

There is no difference between PTE Academic and PTE Academic UKVI in terms of test content and format. Instead, there are minor differences in the registration process to comply with UK Home Office requirements.

Most affordable service prices

We offer the most reasonable service rates for our consulting and coaching services. The expense complies with the market norms.

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