About Germany

Germany is one of the famous destinations for students for quality education and attractive destination for students due to FREE education or less fees. German education is one of the oldest and famous educations. Germany is one of strongest economy in the Europe. Possibilities of part-time job while studying and post study work permit options.


Why Germany?

Low tuition or no tuition fees

High standards of living

Work while you Study

Post study work permits

Wide range of specializations

Number of programs taught in English



Summer: March / April

Winter: September / October


Work opportunity while studying

International students are allowed to work 120 full working days or 240 half working days in a year during their studies.


Documents for Admissions

Application form


2 photographs

Demand draft for visa fees

Letter of Admission

Academic mark sheets from 10th onwards

Proof of English Language proficiency

Proof of adequate financial resource

Declarations for the documents submitted

German Language Scorecard (If any)


Documents for VISA

Visa Application Form (Filled)


Visa Application Fee

Evidence of Admission

Proof of Adequate Financial Resources / Block account

Health Certificate

German Language Scorecard (If any)

Note: Documents requirements may vary depending on Institutions and the Embassy, if any. Please stay in touch with our expert team for more information.